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Welcome to Whole Food Great Taste! My name is Carolyn English and I am a nutrition student and food lover. I have a postgraduate Diploma in Human Nutrition and am currently completing my Master’s in Nutrition at Deakin University. I grew up in America with an Australian mother and now call Australia home.

The recipes that I post on this blog are based on whole foods (mostly plant based) that taste truly delicious. All the recipes are health promoting and are based on current evidence-based nutrition science. What does this mean exactly? Instead of relying on health information obtained from random websites on the internet or from the latest fad diet the media is covering, I rely on information that has been rigorously tested scientifically and peer-reviewed. Peer reviewed studies are evaluated by specialist researchers in the academic community prior to the paper being accepted for publication. This ensures the information being reported is accurate and unbiased.

I try to include links to studies that demonstrate the health benefits of the ingredients I use. I also include links to health based organisations. So if you are interested in the science behind the recipes I post, I encourage you to follow the links and read more about it.

I hope you enjoy the recipes as much as I do!


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