Caramelised Carrot and Mung Bean Salad

IMG_7987Up until a year ago I had never seen (let alone cooked or eaten) mung beans. I had seen mung beans sprouts in the supermarket but I had never seen the actual dried beans which I think are quite attractive and look like glossy green gems. Here is what they look like uncooked:


Mung beans are incredibly healthy and can be considered a functional food. This means they have a potentially positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition. In addition to containing numerous important nutrients like folate, magnesium, iron, potassium, and fibre, scientific studies have found that mung beans have certain physiological functionalites. These include antitumour activity (see here), antioxidant activity (see here), antidiabetic activity (see here), antihypertensive activity¬†(see here), and the ability to lower plasma cholesterol (see here) ¬†and inhibit LDL oxidation (see here). Wow, who knew? Continue reading “Caramelised Carrot and Mung Bean Salad”


Coconut Carrot Cake Spiced Oatmeal

IMG_7936My family loves oatmeal and we eat it almost every morning. Oatmeal doesn’t have to be boring as you can cook it with a variety of different ingredients to change it’s flavour. This recipe uses the ingredients typically found in carrot cake plus I add coconut and banana to make it even tastier. I like eating this dish as the carrots count towards my 5 serves of vegetables that I try to get each day. And oats are super healthy as they are a whole grain that contain resistant starch. Continue reading “Coconut Carrot Cake Spiced Oatmeal”

Roasted Vegetables

The results of a comprehensive survey of the dietary habits of Australians were released this week with depressing news. Only 6.8% of Australians are eating the recommended number of serves of vegetables each day. What are the daily recommended number of serves of vegetables?

Age group # of Serves of Vegetables per day
Men 6
Women 5
Children aged 12-18 boys 5 1/2
Children aged 12-18 girls 5
Children aged 9-11 5
Children aged 4-8 4 1/2
Children aged 2-3 2 1/2

One serving equals a 1/2 cup cooked vegetables, 1/2 a medium potato (french fries and chips don’t count!) or 1 cup of raw vegetables like salad.

So how do you get enough serves of vegetables each day? Don’t wait until dinner because it is hard to fit them all in one meal. One way I get my family to meet the recommendations is to roast up a big batch of veggies on Sunday night, store them in a container in the refrigerator, and use them each day to create quick and healthy meals. I promise you, this is a HUGE time saver.

Start with a variety of vegetables. Choose the rainbow and try to pick what’s in season. You can change the mix each week to keep it interesting.
IMG_7609 Continue reading “Roasted Vegetables”

Sweet and Salty Seaweed Snacks


These toasted nori strips are irresistible, especially to kids! They are crispy and slightly sweet with a hint of salt. You won’t be able to stop at just one! They are ready in 10 minutes and make a perfect after-school snack. Continue reading “Sweet and Salty Seaweed Snacks”